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Outpatient Program Overview
 The DOVE program, located in Bedford, New Hampshire, occurs at The Center for Eating Disorders Management (CEDM) facility at Pine Tree Place on Route 101. Here patients suffering from a wide range of eating disorders, receive their medical, nutritional, psychological and spiritual treatment in a peaceful, rural atmosphere. The DOVE program system of care provides state of the art care in the context of a highly professional and therapeutic environment. The Center for Eating Disorders Management is a clinical eating disorder internship site for many New England universities, including the Eating Disorder Institute at Plymouth State University. In addition, CEDM participates in national and international eating disorder research studies.

These outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs provide state of the art care to patients who are in an early stage of an eating disorder, as well as those patients who eating disorder has led to more serious physical problems, or whose psychological and/or behavioral functioning is significantly impaired. The DOVE outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are not appropriate for those patients who are suicidal, or who are medically unstable.

The DOVE program provides all the necessary treatment components under one roof, in a structured, supportive environment. Eating disorder recovery coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy is incorporated into all aspects of care. Members of the treatment team meet regularly for formal case management meetings to closely coordinate patient care.

The DOVE program patients usually commute from their homes. In cases where the commuting distance is too long, patients and/or family members may chose to stay nearby in a hotel or motel, at their own expense. The Center for Eating Disorders Management can provide a list of local accommodations.

The family support group and family/couple psychotherapy are important components of the patient's comprehensive treatment plan. Participation in these aspects of treatment is essential to a successful treatment outcome. A " Friends and Family" group is held the first Thursday of each month 7:00-8:00pm.
Preregistration is required.
Prior to admission to the DOVE outpatient or intensive outpatient program, an initial intake evaluation is conducted to establish diagnoses and determine which level of care is appropriate. Once accepted into the program, the patient receives a physical examination by a family nurse practitioner, followed by an assessment by a psychotherapist. An eating disorder laboratory profile and EKG are obtained on all patients. Other diagnostic testing is ordered as clinically indicated. Psychiatric and internal medicine consultations are obtained when necessary. The results of these evaluations form the basis from which the multidisciplinary treatment team develops a comprehensive individualized treatment plan for each patient. They also determine the focus of individual, group and specialized therapy